Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Fratty Karaoke Place On That Block Is About To Get Way More Fabulous.

On our way to $2 pint night at the Phoenix, we noticed a new addition to our neighborhood. Lucky Stiff’s, the bar at the northwest corner of 13th and A, had closed, and in its place has arrived a reincarnation of one of our favorite gay hellholes, Boysroom. We would have been very pleased with the development, had Boysroom not been populated at the time with fiftysomething drag queens with no makeup, dime store wigs, and bad TJ Maxx outfits.

Still, it signals an interesting development. Across the street from Boysroom is the new Cocktail gay bar, and just around the corner is Phoenix. It’s a veritable gay ghetto! We could not be more pleased that it’s merely a block away from our house. We will definitely begin training now for “Go Go Idol: The Anorexic Version.”

What’s especially important about this change is that it comes on the heels of the hate attack against drag performer Kevin Aviance last weekend. The crime took place right around the corner. Now there will be more gay eyes on the street, which will make it safer, in some regards. But for every pro, there is a con. For example:

PRO: There will be more cute boys around for us to sleep with.
CON: There will be more cute boys around to compete with.

PRO: One night stands will be easier to find.
CON: Boys we are dating can catch us with one night stands more easily.

PRO: One night stands will be easier to get home.
CON: We will always have to take one night stands back to our place.

PRO: It will be easier to get home when we are very drunk.
CON: Many more cute gays will see us as we attempt to get home, very drunk.

PRO: Avenue A is the new 8th Avenue.
CON: Avenue A is the new 8th Avenue.

Ah, life.

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