Friday, June 02, 2006

I Cried When I Had No Shoes, Until I Met A Man Who Had No Feet. And Then I Laughed REALLY Hard.

Last night we met Amy Sedaris for the first time. She was at NewFest, the LGBT film festival in New York, where the first screening of her movie “Strangers With Candy” was held. She had walked to 34th Street from her West Village apartment, in the pouring rain, along with the film’s director, Paul Dinello. She was understandably soaked when she arrived, but remained completely chipper. She informed us that, yes, she was still selling cupcakes (she was up at 7 am yesterday filling an order), and no, she will not say whether she or brother David is the funnier sibling.

Reports are that the movie is hilarious, and according to Dinello, not too many changes had to be made to get the movie past the issues that caused Warner Independent to drop it.

We have nothing funny to say about this, so we’ll leave you with a poem from the TV show, which our old roommate was wont to recite at innappropriate times:

"Packing a Musket", by Jerri Blank.

When you work from your home and johns call on the phone, you're a call girl.
When you walk 'til you limp and give a cut to a pimp, you're a street whore.
When they're beggin' you please to get down on your knees near their groinage,
excusa me, but you see, don't you touch where they pee without coinage.

When I straddle and squat, to show you my –

-Oh! We forgot! In person, she really does have that twitch.

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