Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jon Stewart For President

Several important things happened today in Gayland:

1) The proposed anti-gay marriage amendment was defeated in the Senate. This was obviously going to happen, but increased support this time around was touted on the part of conservatives. The right seems to forget that Republicans, even more than Democrats, hate frivolous legislation and wasted resources. If they knew they were going to lose, why the reckless use of everyone’s time? Even red staters can see through this ruse.
2) Jon Stewart eviscerates anti-equal marriage writer Bill Bennett. You really have to watch it.
3) Macy’s in Boston removed two male mannequins, draped in a rainbow flag, from their store window after pressure from conservative customers. The display, which started as a fun advertisement for Boston Pride, remains with a gaping space where the models stood before. The empty, needless remaining space is a far better testament to our exclusion - and victimization at the hands of bigots - than two plastic dummies could ever be.
4) Ryan Reynolds dumps Alanis Morissette, allowing millions of gay fantasy engines to rev up again.


sattvicwarrior said...

GREAT BLOG!!!!!!!!!

Aatom said...

I like the positive take on the Macy's thing, that hadn't occurred to me.