Friday, June 30, 2006

Even The Straight Men Were Waving Their Hands In The Air. Actually, That's Not True. There Were No Straight Men.

So we went to Madonna last night, and it was really amazing. You have to realize, while Her Madgesty may be clumsy in the messages she tries to get across, and her singing may not be great, and the venue may be too hot, etc, etc, etc – nobody does spectacle better than Madonna. Not even Kim Jung-il, or whatsisname.

As a gay man, we miss out on a lot of experiences. Particularly religious ones. But when that giant disco ball descended from the ceiling, only to burst open in a flash of blazing light to reveal Madonna, it was probably the closest we will ever come as a gay man to feeling what St. Teresa of Avila felt when she was shown heaven.

Then again, not being a gay man, Teresa probably never got the chance to shoot her load onto a hot stranger’s face, so everything sort of comes out even in the end.

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