Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great Gays Think Alike.

Our friend David was watching "Murder, She Wrote," the other day, by coincidence, and was musing about how the show made HIM gay. Here, he breaks down the gay cause and effect a little but more clearly:
Here is an independent woman living alone (widowed young apparently)
completely disengaged from any reliance on a man, who lives in a charming
sea side town. She travels, visiting her long list of friends who are
either wealthy, accomplished, attractive or all of the above. She is
famous, in the good way, kind of a like Carrie Bradshaw, just enough name
recognition to make people suck up to you.

Her "example" though that drove you to Sodom town: She is a feisty biatch
who always stands up for the wrongly accused. She beats the arrogant, macho
and dismissive police detectives not with muscle but with smarts. In each
episode's "J'accuse!" scene, she stands up to the murderer fearlessly and
explains how he/she did it, proving once again that this outsider has
everyone's number.

Recap: Female empowerment + rich people + emasculating male members of
authority + champion of the innocent victims of circumstance = you like it
when men sit on your face.
It's so true. We do love it when men sit on our faces!


Aatom said...

I couldn't agree more on this one. I watched this show religiously for years as a young boy, and while I've never been into musicals, Lansbury gives me that gay rush all the same. I just saw her on a Broadway marquee this morning as a matter of fact! I got very excited.

Ryan said...

this is genius

don't forget Lansbury's turn as the animated teapot in Beauty and the Beast - loved that one too

what show is she doing on Broadway?

the one in your dreams said...

ah to be widowed young!

i mean what stress is there to find a mate anymore--you ALREADY HAD HIM. which is of course a significant marker of success.

of course i'm sure having him alive as you grown into old age would be great as well...but i'm just sayin and all...

Anonymous said...

>what show is she doing on Broadway?<

She's in the play "Deuce", was nominated for a Tony for it too.