Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We (Bigmouth and Fishwatch) were at another wedding this weekend. It was between two very close friends of ours, a pair of blond WASPs with hearts of gold and pants of madras. Fishwatch even sang at the ceremony – a song about Jesus christ! In a Church! Don’t tell Vishnu!

It was a beautiful weekend, and the wedding and reception were straight out of Town & Country. Until the couple’s first dance, that is, when they did an entire choreographed routine to “The Promise” by When In Rome (you may recall this scene from Napoleon Dynamite). It was, knowing them, appropriately touching and hilarious.

Sometimes we spend entire wedding ceremonies daydreaming about our own future wedding. Come on – you know you do it to. But during this one, we couldn’t stop thinking about how happy our friends will be, for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations, Will and Bates. We’re couldn’t be more proud.

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Zeke said...

geez from your postings i would swear that your friends just get married like every other week for the sheer ceremony while maintaining a blissful virginity and doing it all over again the following week.