Thursday, July 19, 2007

True Friends Talk About Puke Together.

Allow us to introduce one of our very best fag hags, who has just started blogging. We met Noelle at a black tie dinner years ago, when Sargent Shriver was making some speech about something, and Eunice Shriver was tottering in a corner looking like Skeletor. The whole event was alcohol free (we were in college!) so we spent it running to the bathroom to do shots, and also talking about our best vomit stories. Ever since then, we have been obviously very close.

We believe our contribution to the conversation that night was the time that we projectile vomited into a mirror as we were drunkenly trying to pop zits (we were in high school!), which was pretty appalling.

Since then by far our best ralphing story was the time Adrian Grenier bought us a margarita at Starlight and then we went home and yuked on our wall (it was last year!).


travellingstatic said...

i hope you drank the margarita--i mean there was "like eight dollars of jarlsberg in there"

i would have just blown chunks directly on him. which reminds me of a time in college i projectile-vomited on my fraternity brother. it was a pong tournament and hey, he shouldnt have been standing trashcan-adjacent.

Frank said...

Adrian Grenier, eh? Do tell!