Friday, July 20, 2007


We love it when Anderson Cooper makes inside jokes where nobody is actually on the outside. (We stole this clip from Perez Hilton, watch until Anderson's quiet comment at the end, and Erica's nervous laughter...)

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Anonymous said...

I hate Anderson. Just report the news you fucking queen. Don't try and "feel their pain" You are a goddamn Vanderbilt for Pete's sake. You are not one of the people. Sorweeeee

The coop 360 usually goes something like, "There are people getting shot at over there." Camera pans over for .5 seconds then right back to Coop "We would report what is going on but right now I am going to talk about how I feel and keep the camera on myself at all times." Also don't fucking go on Opera and cry about you brother and talk about your childhood. "I remember Truman Capote and Andy Warhol chatting in our living room" and cry about your father, all very tragic, my condolences absolutely, but have some class blue blood. Then you turn around and say when asked about the fact that you are five alarm flamer, "I don't comment on my personal life." Oh really.

Then just report the news if that is what you want to do. Say hey, I am dating this lovely man when reporters ask. Otherwise go to hell.

-Am out of mind right now ps so no one get to angry