Monday, July 02, 2007

We're Still Rooting For Lenny And Carl To Finally Make It.

Simpsons mania has started up already - certain 7-11s across the country have been changed into Kwik-E Marts and are selling collectible Springfield merchandise as an effort to drum up hype for the movie.

The Advocate also has the Simpsons on its cover this week. We were one of the writers that was approached to write the piece a while back, but they ended up going with a different guy(perhaps because we use bizarre constructions like "we were one.")

When you think about it, The Simpsons really did make it okay to laugh about gay people - the right way. The initially homophobic Homer Simpson was basically Archie Bunker, except even more ridiculous (as when he starts performing gay weddings). And remember how cleverly they handled Patty's coming out episode - where her lesbian lover turned out to be a man, and instead of winding up with him, she dumped him because he had a penis?

Care to discuss your favorite gay Simpsons episodes? We'd reminisce, but we're too busy thinking about how we could have been getting a fat paycheck this week...

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Steve23 said...

How could anyone forget homer's pet shop boys theme'd gay makeover... classic