Thursday, September 21, 2006

This Is Probably What the Boys At Stonewall Felt Like When Judy Died And The Popo Tried to F*ck With Them...

So last night was the Inter-Law School OUTLaw Mixer at Pieces Bar on Christopher Street. Last time we were at Pieces for our own Intra-school OUTLaw Mixer, we got so drunk we sang karaoke versions of SWV and Journey ("Weak" followed by "Open Arms") at 3:45am and tried to force ourselves on the cute owner who refused (hard to believe, but true). But at least he sent us on our way with a Pieces VIP free drink card.

Undeterred, the next day we spent about 5 hours drafting one of those perfectly constructed, witty, flirty emails you send to a crush in front of whom you were drunk and foolish - (“Hope our version of Weak wasn’t too weak” and “We usually have to pay for our Vodka Tonics before class each morning, but thanks to you now we won't have too!”), but didn’t get a response until 4 days later. FOUR DAYS! And it was one of those emails, of the “I am too nice to just ignore you” variety. You know of what we speak.

So we were a little hesitant about showing our faces there again, but who are we to refuse free drinks and potential husbands with potential future disposable income. Buuuuut...we drank too many Ruby Red and Sodas and again tried to sing 90s black female trio songs and make out with said cute owner. This time, however, not only were we were sent on our way, but we think our Pieces VIP card was confiscated too.

The saddest part? We are more disheartened about the lost free drinks. You can’t satisfy that craving on the internet.


Anonymous said...

When Judy died no one seemed to be devastated over a lost free drink card; in fact they didn't even exist then. When Judy died and the Stonewall Riots were taking place, we were F**king pissed off at a lot more than that. We were being abused, busted by crooked cops, beaten up, mocked, stripped of whatever was left of our gay self esteem, harassed... get the idea?

By the way, what's a nice kid like you doing in a dump like Pieces?

er said...

I'm pissed I wasn't invited...even if Pieces is a dump.