Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We Didn't Graduate With Any "Laudes" And We'll Probably Never Meet Mr. Right, And Yet We Have Already Written Our Entire Announcement...

Like many of you, we too cull through the Times Wedding Announcements on Sundays to see whose wedding we didn't get invited to and how ugly their new spouse is (sometimes SO ugly their photo is cut out). Also, we look hoping to find that couple that actually met on Friendster or Connexion or The Cock (nee The Hole) in order to keep our dreams alive.

Anyway, we were very moved by the Vows piece this weekend which profiled Adam and Steve, (that's not a joke), a cute gay couple who didn't know they were gay until Princess Di died (kind of like us).

We noticed that Steve was an associate at a firm in New York where we were interviewing today and we thought how nice it would be if we met him and could congratulate him in person. So you can imagine our excitement when the recruiter said that next we would be meeting with...you guessed it...Steve. YESSSSSSS.

Buuuut...sometimes we have trouble hiding our excitement when we meet people we know something about that they don't necessarily know we know. And today was no exception. Behold:
FW: OMG, OMG, we are SOOOOO thrilled to meet you! We were hoping all day that we would!
Steve: Um....
FW: We read the Vows section and noticed you worked here and what are the chances? Well...the chances are not THAT small since we asked to meet some gay attorneys and really, how many can there be here, but regardless, HI!!!!!!!
Steve: Um....
FW: SO...tell us...how has your life changed since Sunday? (We asked this one with the blog in mind).
Steve: Uuhhh...I have been getting a lot of emails from people.
Steve: Oh...well...I see that a client is calling, sorry to cut this short....
And that was that. Our first gay celebrity interview.

And just in case you were wondering, we DO in fact ask to meet gay attorneys at the firms where we interview, mostly because of our J.D./Mrs. program. But we've noticed that EVERY one we have met through this process has a ring on his finger and picture of a hottie on his desk. "Chad/Brad/Wade doesn't really work, so he comes to ALL the firm events and everyone just LOVES him." We're sure they do. Or, "Rusty/Dusty/Klaus and I have the summer associates out to Fire Island EVERY July and everyone just LOVES him." No really, we get it.

Perhaps we need to be more explicit with the recruiters who set up the interview days when they ask, "Are there any specific lawyers with whom you wish to meet?" "Yes," we should say. "The unhappy ones."


bigmouth said...


Anonymous said...

How bourgeois.

Bald Knob said...

Excellent! Great posts so far. Official brother of Bigmouth gives two big thumbs up. Keep it up, and keep up the pace- I'm enjoying the frequent updates.

Adam said...

It's good to know you intend to keep being a pain in the ass. The world needs more people like you.

Maybe if you had met Steve in a less official capacity, he'd have been less shut down. He's really a wonderful guy.

Frank said...

So, wait, does "'everyone LOVES him'" code for, "I peddled his non-working, ex-escort ass to make partner," or "Actually, no one can stand the golddigger, but he gives great head, so I don't care."? I'm so confused!

Jeff said...

is there a fan club?
are there oversized buttons?
does my subscription come with a free annual calendar??