Friday, February 23, 2007

Do You Ever Wish Men Could Wear Pearls?

We're attempting to get ready for work while also watching "Legally Blonde." We're not sure we'll have much luck.

In the meantime, here are some adorable blind items for you to think about in the shower over the weekend:

Which recently engaged primetime hunk had better hope his new fiancé doesn't find out about his longterm boyfriend from his homeland? When the star heads back home, he always gets a warm (slightly crooked) welcome.

Which Frat Packer has a secret not even his fellow funnymen know? The headliner has a standing date with the same callboy every time he stays at his favorite swank New York hotel.

Which R&B star had better hope his female fans don't find out about his secret hairdresser boyfriend? The pair have been together since even before the star began his rise.

Which current tabloid goldmine has a same sex secret he doesn't want you to know? He'd do anything to keep it out of of the papers, because it could cost him much more than his image.

Which star of a massively popular primetime comedy would rather you didn't know which way he swings his dingong? He might just be on his way to bigger and brighter things

Which recently gay-married international celeb is already having trouble with the whole "monogamy" thing? Mmm. This isn't so much a blind item as a blanket statement about all famous married gays.


MyMyMichl said...

I liked you much more before you started doing tabloid.

FrenchBenj said...

Those blind items are just torture and you know it. I'll be expecting the answers in my inbox shortly. Or else.