Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Really Hope Barack And Edwards Get Behind Gays In The Military. And If They Do, We Hope There Are Pictures.

According to the Advocate, we'll have three or more big gay rights bills on the floor of congress this year - with two more than likely to pass. This is great news, of course:
Wary conservative leaders as well as gay rights advocates share a belief that at least two measures will win approval this year: a hate-crimes bill that would cover offenses motivated by antigay bias, and a measure that would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. Also on the table--although with more doubtful prospects--will be a measure to be introduced Wednesday seeking repeal of the ''don't ask, don't tell'' policy that bars openly gay and lesbian Americans from serving in the military.
This immediately makes us think about the presidential candidates. Of course, none of them will come out strong against the discrimination bill or the hate crimes bill. But the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" measure might cause quite a bit of controversy from the debate podium. How will Hillary, whose husband was pressured into signing the original act, handle it? And will all the candidates, especially the pro-war ones, heed the growing evidence that the policy is unnecessary and potentially even damaging to the military?

Hm. Every time we try to think of a funny yet political closing to this post, we can really only imagine shower time at Bunk 149 during boot camp. We really worry about us.

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