Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where We Will Be Tonight. Oh, Let's Be Honest. Many Of You Will Be There, Too.

This video, from last season's Heatherette show, gives you a little taste of the madness that is their design spectacle. Few of their clothes are wearable, and none of them makes it into the big editorial spreads. But ALL of the gays will be there tonight. Walking past the Standing Room waiting section in the tents is like seeing a perp lineup of tricks. ("It was all of them! In the Billiards Room! With the Rope!")

You'll note that Kelis, Lydia Hearst, Paris Hilton, and Nicky Hilton all walked in last season's show. We got an email this morning asking if we "knew any celebs in town who might want to walk in the show," so while we know it will be super fun, as always, we're not super confident that it will be star-studded. But Paris is in town (we know, because we were nearly felled by friendly fire during an ice-throwing battle between her and Brandon Davis last night at Butter) so maybe she will walk.

We hope not, because under those lights, that one wonky eye of her is sure to be luminous and terrifying.

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MyMyMichl said...

Nothing's changed except Andy is there only in spirit. Twisted, my dear, still looks like twisted, and still looks like great bloody fun.

Next year, maybe I'll try to slip past that great velvet rope.