Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not That There's Anything Wrong With... Harvard.

We're a couple of days late on this whole Tom Lowe/American Idol fagabaloo, but since it hit the gay blogs last Wednesday, it appears to have gotten much more tangled. Not only is Tom Lowe a former pop recording artist (uh oh), he also used to work with BMG when Simon Cowell was an executive there (yikes), and he once posed nude for a British mag (lol), and he might just be secretly shilling for the Massachusetts Tourism Board (wtf?). AND, he is gay! (OMFuckingG!)

The things that are most immediately apparent to us, as non-Idol fanatics, are these:

1) He's hot.
2) He can sing.
3) He's a marketable talent.

If Simon Cowell is at all involved in trying to give this kid a boost, it's probably because he's realized that what's happening to American Idol is exactly what happened to Britain's Pop Idol. The show began to suck because the country started voting for unmarketable singers, just like in the US now (Taylor Hicks over Chris Daughtry anyone? Reuben over Clay?). So in the UK, they ditched the Pop Idol format and switched to X Factor, where only the judges could decide. That probably wouldn't fly in America, where the voting makes the show #1 nearly every week. So perhaps Cowell has to try it another way. And quite frankly, who can blame him? He's the one who has to deal with the talent after the show.

Important questions. All of which are dwarfed by the elephant in the living room. Nobody has voiced this yet, but we're just going to come out and say it. Someone that hot and charming went to HARVARD?


Anonymous said...

Because he was wait-listed by Yale and was too anxious to tough out the nerve-wrecking waiting period?

Bald Knob said...

He was probably ugly back then. But, learned more than he would have at a lesser, copycat university in some poor post-industrial burnt-out town in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

no, he was hot the entire time - and a really good kisser, too. 'twas a great guy to know.

bella wilfer said...

I love that someone who made out with Tom Lowe posts on this board.

Any conspiracy theories, however, as to why Lowe didn't make top 24?

t.todd said...

umm . . . did you just use the word,'fagabaloo' in a sentence? Holy shit, I think you did. That's hot.