Friday, March 31, 2006

After "Brokeback Mountain," We Kind Of Hoped All Other Gay Filmmakers Would Give Up In Shame.

So last year, during the Tribeca Film Festival’s annual onslaught on Lower Manhattan, we took our roommate to see the premiere of “Adam and Steve.’ It was screened at the Stuyvesant High School auditorium, and there were more cruisey gays there than on Sheep’s Meadow the weekend before Memorial Day. (You know, the last sunny Saturday before you have to start hiding in your house so people don’t find out you’re not in the Hamptons or on Fire Island?)

"Adam and Steve" is now set for wide release. The movie is made by the people who created “Latter Days.” We thought “Days” was a cute movie that ALMOST dug itself out of the ugly cliché k-hole of “gay romantic comedies.” It was certainly the best we’ve seen so far.

So we had high hopes for “Adam and Steve.”

Unfortunately, they were quickly dashed on the rocks of reality – just like our dreams about every Julia Louis Dreyfus “Seinfeld” follow-up effort.

The movie’s crap. The characters aren’t likeable, the story isn’t believable, the writing is bad, and you end up rooting AGAINST the protagonist, Craig Chester, because he’s such a weirdo.

But Parker Posey and Chris Kattan are both very funny and do their best to contribute some good moments. Still, if you’re going to invest in a gay romance involving Parker Posey, you might as well buy advance tickets to see “Superman Returns,” in which a gay icon battles a gay arch villain over the love of a thirteen year-old boy.


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It's true. That movie was worthwhile if just to contribute that well-worn line to our lexicon.