Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gay Sperm - The Best Investment You'll Ever Put In Your Vagina.

New Zealand has finally wised up and started allowing gays to donate sperm.

It raises the question, though: will fag jizz be labeled appropriately? One would hope so.

The Murphy Browns of New Zealand are wise enough to know that gay cum is worth its weight in gold - like Prada shoes, graduate degrees, and so many of the other things things we work so tirelessly to earn, exploit, and then heedlessly discard.

And in the end, would you rather have a son who gets married and forgets about you because he has a wife and children? Or would you rather have a son who has plenty of time and extra income to concentrate on keeping you away from Talbots and chunky Zales jewelry?

And you'll finally have an excuse to watch every episode of "Designing Women" all over again!

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LovefordaSoul said...

Finally we all realize what I've been saying for years is true! "New Zealand will take over the world with an army of gays like me and you!" haha ya by years I mean minutes