Monday, March 20, 2006

Gay Is The New Guatamalan-ness.

We had a conversation with a friend yesterday about the fact that we often use the words "fag" or "queer" or "homo" in our regular parlance.

"Unlike you, I don't use those words," said our friend.

"It's reclamatory language," we shot back.

But our clever friend raises an interesting question. We may be taking the sting out of words like fag, queer, sissy, homo, buttpirate, cockgobbler, juice-in-the-loose-caboose, etc - but what can we do about the word "gay"? That's the larger problem. We are careful not to use words like "ghetto," or "retarded" for that specific reason, because we know how it feels when someone says "that's so gay" after someone does something lame. Is it a fad, as this article suggests? Or is that terminology here to stay?

We're not sure. All we can say is, we hope one day, the word "gay" will be used for its positive connotations. Like, you will see a well-designed apartment, or a pair of perfectly distressed, ass-flattering jeans, and say "Wow, that's totally gaytastic." Kind of like "that's hot," or "that is SO fetch."

We'll start right now. You read the FAGAT Guide? That is SO GAY.

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Myackie said...

Stop trying to make FETCH happen, Gretchen! It's NOT going to happen!