Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Sex And The City Post - If Only We Had Abs Like SJP's, We Wouldn't Be Asking These Questions

Can we talk about something?

We know we’re not the first people to bring this up, but it has recently become an issue in our lives, and we need some advice.

Why do people put nearly naked pics of themselves as their main photo on friendster?

Let’s be clear – we understand the basic, immediate appeal. If we run across a friendster thumbnail with some guy with a great bod, it is more likely to catch our eye.

But is that really the first message you want to get across? Not “I’m a happy, smiley person,” or, “I’m a funny, ironic person,” or even “I am handsome.” Basically, what you’re saying is “I HAVE PECTORALS” - nothing further than that. Do straight people do this? No.

Basically, internet dating for us has been reduced to the back pages of HX magazine. Abs? check. Pecs? check. Personality? Wait - there's no box for that. A naked pic, to us, is the same as using "u" and "r" instead of "you" and "are" in a profile, or saying you're looking for "NO DRAMA."

It ensures two things: 1) that you are most likely to attract the type of people who value pecs over happiness, funniness, or personality. And 2) people who care about other things will assume that YOU value pecs above all else. Especially if you took it yourself. And Trog help you if that picture is in black and white.

The reason we ask is this: among the boys we have dated of late is a shirtless friendster. He is sweet, shy, and kind. But on friendster he comes across as a maneating, high-end hooker. We think that having a shirtless shot as one or two of several friendster pictures is perfectly fine – after all, you want to look at the chassis before you hop in and ride. But as your main pic? How about leaving a little to the imagination?

The relationship, is it turned out, eventually came down to this: Can a shirtless-friendster-pic date a clothed-friendster-pic?

And if the answer is no – which one is really to blame?


bigmouth said...

Wow. We just read over this. For those of you who don't know us, this post must make you assume that we're hideous.

Which is true - but mostly just on the inside.

Myackie said...

sure seems so shallow and superficial (ooooh, alliteration)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys this is funny! Check out this hilarious clip from So NoTORIous. Either Tori is moonlighting as a dominatrix or making a very convincing video to kidnappers if Mimi La Rue ever went missing-you make the call. So NoTORIous airs on Sunday nights at 10 on Vh1.