Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. We're All McQueens Now.

We are wearing green in honor of the day. Last night, we went to Patrick McMullan's annual gong show and watched midget leprechauns do a dance to U2's "It's A Beautiful Day." We couldn't have been more Irish (and by "Irish," of course, we mean "tanked").

We were thinking about how, on St. Patrick's Day, everyone in New York is Irish. Funny how the same does not apply for the Puerto Rican Pride parade. It's a subtle distinction.

As for the Gay Pride March (we don't say PARADE, mind you, because it's a very serious event), we've always thought that it could use a little bit more of the "everybody's invited" vibe. Wouldn't it be nice if people saw the parade and thought "Wow, those people are having so much fun, in a non-threatening way that appeals to me. I wish I was gay!" instead of "Oh my God, I hope my children and pets don't see those freaks."

Obviously, we recognize the flip side of that argument ("We should be proud of why we're different"). We're just throwin' it out there. Maybe we could have two celebrations - one nice picnic in the park with Pinot Grigio and toasted biscotti, and one tranny-fisting orgy circuit party at Roxy.

We can see it now: Mayor Bloomberg pumping his rainbow flags in Central Park, and Hillary Clinton at Roxy pumping... oh dear.

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