Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We’re Living In A Powder Keg And Giving Off Sparks

We’d like to direct your attention to our favorite new pastime: Google Idol.

We work on the docks at night, so we can’t watch American Idol as much as we’d like. But this competition gets at what we really like about the competition. It’s campy, it’s gay, and it’s all about pop music and dancing.

We’re rooting for Anthony and Katy, who can be seen here, though we give snaps to anyone willing to try to out-ridiculous the original version of Europe’s “Final Countdown.”

It makes you wonder (no, it does NOT “beg the question”) why, though, the idea videotaping yourself lip-synching to pop music seems so, well, gay. Anthony and Katy are obviously just another fag and a hag in a trailer, but what about the boys from the Texas A&M basketball team? Is there something homoerotic in singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with your shirt off? (Is that like asking: is there anything homoerotic about grease-wrestling while listening to “My Heart Will Go On”?)

Which leads us to the next logical question - will YouTube and GoogleIdol eventually de-gay the art of the lip-synch?

And if so, what will all the drag queens do for a living? Is nobody thinking of what this will do to Ricky Martin??


Anonymous said...

Hi there guys
Katy from Anthony and Katy here
Thanks for the support and keep an eye out for our next round.
If you have any requests for what we could do next, let us know through our links at googleidol.

bigmouth said...

OM FUCKING G. We have been visited by celebrities. Our co-worker just had a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... well don't get to excited.. truth is we love to scan the internet to see the people who LUV US! (And no... Anthony is not gay.. nor do we live in a trailer!!! How Trashy!) .. anyway pop yourself over to to vote for us in the SEMIS! Or why don't you come and see for the HOT GOSS!!!

Stay cool!