Monday, March 20, 2006

This Was, At Least, Not The Worst Thing We've Walked In On In Our Living Room.

The other night we came home to our apartment, which was curiously quiet, except all the lights were on. "Hello?" we said from the entryway? "Hello!" shouted our lady roommate, very quickly. "Is everything ok?" "Of course!" she shouted, with a clearly false chipper tone. We walked into the living room and saw her, surrounded by food, sitting in front of the television, which only showed the blank TV screen. She looked guilty.

"Were you watching our gay porn, again?" we asked.

"No," she said.

"What's going on here?" we pressed, very suspicious. She pressed play on the remote, sheepishly. After a moment, Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on the screen, holding his fist in his mouth, blinking back tears as he steered his blue pickup truck back toward Texas.

"You were watching 'Brokeback Mountain' again!?" we cried.

You see, in our house, we have a problem. A friend bought a Thai version of "Brokeback" and we have been wrecked ever since - particularly our female roommate. She watches the movie from beginning to end, fast forwarding through the parts with women in them (except for the "Jack NASTY" bit). And anecdotally, I understand we are not the only ones who watch and re-watch. Which makes us feel good about the film - it bodes well for the DVD release, and suggests that it wasn't just a controversial flash in the pan, among straight people.

This, of course, is a lot more heartwarming than the original reason we obtained the videotape, which was of course to lure naive boys back to our apartment. Make 'em cry, then make 'em strip, that's our motto. Then make 'em cry again.

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