Wednesday, December 14, 2005

And We're Back!

We’ve been very bad about posting, we realize, but lay off us! We had a migraine today, and not the good kind.

We’ve been hearing from several of our friends that they didn’t like “Brokeback Mountain” as much as we did. This we can accept. But one friend suggested that we wouldn’t like it so much if the cowboys weren’t so pretty, to which we say: “name one Oscar worthy straight romance in recent years where the lead actors weren’t attractive.” And King Kong doesn’t count.

So here’s what we’ve missed in the past couple of days:

This is amazing.

This is not.

This is great news.

This is hot.

(well, not hot in the traditional sense. But what is quite sexy is that our loving co-worker brought us back some Berocca from Australia just in time for the holidays!)

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