Friday, December 02, 2005

New Young Ownership, Same Old Cumstains

We don’t have much time to blog today, but we wanted to tell you about a new bar that just opened up in the East Village. It’s called Eastern Bloc (and yes, the décor involves lots of sickles and red fists. Foresight?) . It’s located in the old Wonderbar space on 6th Street between Aves A and B. Wonderbar was the first gay bar we ever visited (we were 18) so last night’s opening party was full of memories.

The crowd was a mix of older, bearded muscle types and younger, cleancut gayuppies – so we’re interested to see how it evolves over time. We were pleased to see and say hello to Dylan P., David M., Chris M., Warren S., Jim S., Eric B., and our old roommate Joshua whose last initial we don’t remember (or perhaps never knew).

We were having a lovely time, until the moment when a handsome gay pornstar wearing a big gold cross grabbed us and said “Are you really wearing pleated pants at a gay bar?”

Then we fled home in shame.

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