Monday, December 19, 2005

We Just Got Off The Bus In Maine And Boy Are Our Wrists Tired

We are on vacation (Hey, giving handjobs for cash in the basement of the Port Authority pays well, but it has a high burnout rate) again, in Maine this time. Since our "modem" up here is actually a dixie cup tied to the end of a piece of yarn, the internet becomes a little more difficult to use.

So we'll try, when we can, to post links to other people saying interesting things. For example, this super-fucked up article in the New York Times about children selling webcam pornography of themselves.

"A six-month investigation by The New York Times into this corner of the Internet found that such sites had emerged largely without attracting the attention of law enforcement or youth protection organizations. "

Looking at kiddie porn for six months?? How come WE never get the good reporting jobs...

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