Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And You Thought 2xist Underwear Was The Only Thing You Had In Common With Osama Bin Laden

When we heard recently that the government was spying on us, we were initially unconcerned. According DMV we live in Maine. According to our voting records, we live in New York. And according to the phone company, we don't exist. We never really gave our fearless leaders the credit to be able to track us down in a pinch. Remember, this is a group of people who think that the world was created in six days, but haven't been able to find a man attached to a dialysis machine in Afghanistan in FOUR YEARS.

But this article made us pause. The government found a gay "Kiss In" protesting "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" worthy of monitoring for terrorists:

"A February protest at NYU was also listed, along with the law school’s LGBT advocacy group OUTlaw, which was classified as “possibly violent” by the Pentagon. A UC-Santa Cruz “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” protest, which included a gay kiss-in, was labelled as a “credible threat” of terrorism."

We have friends in NYU's OUTlaw, and they are the biggest sissies we've ever met. They are to terrorists what Britney Spears is to Bloc Party - things that are not similar.

Bush can rant all he wants about the need for monitoring risky activity, and that would be fine, if his definition of "risky" activity wasn't so broad and, well, retarded. But it is, and now all this spying into our personal lives doesn't seem so sexy anymore. Maybe someone should do something.

We'll start. We're going to stage a "Fuck-In" at our apartment. That'll teach 'em.


Tristan said...

First you let him blow you, then you call him a sissy…. Are you bullying my effeminate boyfriend?

LL said...

a) We may be sissies, but at least we don't wear eyeshadow and blush.

b) Next time, Tristan, you'll get to be like the lucky Alex R.

Frank said...

I thought every night was a "fuck-in" at your apartment, bigmouth!

rod said...

middle-aged gays don't get the older or the younger ...