Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We Think The Role of Jay McInerney Should Be Played By Michael Lucas

The rights to gay writer Bret Easton Ellis's new horror book "Lunar Park" have been scooped up by a film company looking to make it into a feature. There are many obvious problems with this: The whole point of the book is that it is a fictionalized account of a seemingly real BEE. Does that mean that he has to play himself? Also, much of the book is based on questioning whether the author is hallucinating. How will that translate onto the screen?

And the book was terrible! Why would they want to make that into a movie??

But the most pressing question, we think, is: How dare they start work on a movie version of "Lunar Park" when they haven’t made the movie of "Glamorama"?? We’ve been waiting years to get a visual of that bisexual sex scene!


Footprint said...

why?? WHY??!! Why you ask would Hollywood take a bad book and turn it into a bad movie?? Becuase THEY ARE RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS!! They have been running out of ideas for the past four years. Not to mention bad titles. Those, they never seem to run out of.
So don't ask why, just cringe and shiver and watch The Rules of Attraction over and over again. The European movie posters are cooler thought.
"My name is not Richard..."

Tristan said...

The bisexual threesome your refer to, translated in my native language, constituted most of my sexual life in my early twenties.

bigmouth said...

Amazing, Tristan.