Friday, December 16, 2005


Well. We are one step closer to being able to die happy.

We met Ian Somerhalder last night at the afterparty for the opening night of his new play “DOG SEES GOD.”

We’ve run across a fair number of celebrities in our day, so we know this is a cliché – but boy is SHORT. We were particularly amused by his posse of pretty boys who not only adoringly watched his every move, but also doled out the evil eye to all of the other men (including us) who were checking Somerhalder out. Ian was wearing a little pageboy hat and was looking very fey.

We would have scanned the room for his “very close friend” David Kalstein, but we didn’t know what he looked like so we just resorted to staring at Ian. He has a very firm handshake, very blue eyes (possibly contacts) and definitely suffers from the Asian Flush.

On another gay note, “Dog Sees God” is based on what happens to the Peanuts characters when they grow up. Schroeder (played by super hot Logan Marshall Green) has a gay fling with Charlie Brown (played by Eddie Kay “Shitbreak” Thomas), and Somerhalder (Pigpen) has a drug-induced threesome with Marcie and Peppermint Pattie.

Which made us wonder – what ever happened to Calvin from “Calvin and Hobbes”?

We’re afraid to ask.

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Tristan said...

Hobbes is now an escort in DC ! supposedly he is wild in bed. I apologize for this.