Thursday, December 08, 2005

Breaking: Gay Director Likes Handsome Younger Boys

We love Radar Online, but its Fresh Intelligence section has some issues. The writers don’t know how to piece together a gossip item. Their stories sort of ramble on, they don’t organize what’s important and put it on top, and they leave a lot up to speculation.

Take today’s item about gay X-Men director Bryan Singer. Aside from the fact that it’s similar to what we wrote a couple of days ago, it doesn’t really say anything. It hints that MAYBE Bryan Singer wanted Brandon Routh to play Superman because he is so handsome (ya THINK?). It adds that Singer likes to put together “gay movies” with stars like Kevin Spacey, Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming and Hugh Jackman.

We like it when a writer’s Wolverine sex fantasies get ahead of his fear of libel.

The story ends with the interesting internet theory that Routh will come out as a grand publicity stunt just before the movie opens. Summing up, the item says a whole lot of nothing. It’s as if they sat around Bowery Bar on a Tuesday night, shot the shit with a bunch of pomade queens with vertically striped shirts for a couple of hours, then wrote the whole thing down and put it on their website.

If that qualifies as journalism, call us Peter Fucking Jennings.

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