Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's Called A Dance Floor. And Here's What It's For...

Madonna has admitted that when she was young, she used to sneak away from home and go to gay clubs for fun. It helped her realize who she was, and that it was okay to be different.

"I used to tell my dad I was sleeping over at a girlfriend's house - which essentially I was. He'd say, ‘I want to take you dancing to a club.' I had no idea where we were going and he took me to this gay disco in Detroit called Menjos," Femalefirst quoted her, as saying. "It was just amazing - to see all these men dancing with one another. I'd spent my whole life feeling like a freak and an outsider and that nobody understood me and suddenly I felt like it's OK to feel different," she added.

We’re glad we could help, Madonna. Especially since when WE were young, you helped us realize who we were, and that it was okay to be different.

(Sometimes, we are so gay, it burns when we pee.)

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