Thursday, December 01, 2005

Last One To Chug Has To Clean The Hot Tubs After Gay Ski Week.

This made us chuckle:

For the first time ever Telluride guests will be offered the chance to track their mountain experience with the help of a GPS ski tracking service at this year’s Telluride Gay Ski Week, February 26 - March 5, 2006.Skiers, who participate in the program, will receive an armband that is worn throughout the day to gather data on their skiing activities. At the end of each day, data is downloaded from the armband after which each skier is presented with a detailed souvenir map that reflects and tracks their number of runs, vertical feet, speed, calories burned, distance traveled; time skied, & terrain difficulty. The cost to participate is $35 daily.

That has got to be the gayest thing we’ve ever read. And we own a copy of “The Swimming Pool Library.”

"This is really an exciting addition to Telluride Gay Ski Week experience this year," said Tracee Hennigar, Special Events Manager for the Town of Mountain Village. "Both the die-hard and casual skier can capture an actual record of their daily skiing experience. Now you can show proof to your friends and family that you did ski a double diamond."

We understand the need for this. We know if we don’t come up with proof, our friends and family just assume we were doling out over-the-snowpant-handjobs to our Ski Bunny instructors in the Apres Ski Lounge.

Which we were.

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