Thursday, December 29, 2005

Certain Websites Would Have You Believe Differently, But...

Old gays and young gays don’t communicate well, according to a new study. We agree with this sentiment. Last week we got stoned and went to see “Gay Sex In The 70s.” We had no idea what anybody was talking about.

And there wasn’t enough sex.

But seriously, the report brings up an important issue: How can the older generation of gays who struggled so much pass on their knowledge and wisdom to a group of people who are facing a different set of problems?

Luckily, we don’t deal with important issues. If we were able to communicate with the older generation, we would ask them: Why the mustaches? And all the flannel? And the acid-washed jeans? And honestly, what’s the logic behind letting Bette Midler into a place where you all had sex?

We’re sure they’d have a question or two for us, too. The answers of course, are: Yes, we will let you buy us dinner and pretty things. No, you cannot touch us there.

And maybe, if we’re drunk, we might let you watch.


Frank said...

"Old" is a very relative term for us gays. "Over 30" seems to be the general definition. Heck, at 23, I'M old to some!

Tristan und LL said...

We saw this self-same painting today in all its actual glory; it inspired us more to take a long nap than to be kind about all the people who built bridges in the 70s that we're crossing now, because whatever steps forward they made, our generation just looks so much better.