Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mistletoe Is For Queers.

Merry Christmas!

(If you hadn't guessed, we here at Fagats are members of the Christian Right and refuse to give in to you PCers who insist upon non-denominational December greetings.)

We're blogging from a public library in Wellesley, Massachusetts, so cut us some slack about the lack of posts. We'll be back on Monday, better (and drunker (and singler (and fatter))) than ever. Talk to you then!

(PS - There is no Jesus. Fuck you, Johnny.)


LL said...

Wellesley? That's a lesbian joke, right?

I commented about you on another anonymous blog. We're trying to set you up.

Bald Knob said...

Bald Knob says you can blog from -gasp- Chicago this weekend.