Friday, November 04, 2005

Although He Does Look Bigger On Billboards

As with everything we say and do, we were successful in our mission to meet Tom Ford last night. And before 8 pm!

We were quick to ask him about his scorching hot photo shoot in W this month, and wondered whether he had to do some tequila shots before posing nude for photographer Steven Klein.
“He didn’t have to convince me,” he said, looking into our eyes. “I’m very comfortable nude.”

Then, of course, we promptly died.

Ford, who looked absolutely flawless (literally, we couldn't even see his scalp through his quarter-inch long hair), said he missed designing and was glad to come back to it.

“I felt a little bit neutered when I didn’t have something to work on,” he told us. “You know, it’s important for me to have a voice culturally.”

We agree on this important point. We don’t want to see him neutered either.

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