Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We're Back, Crack Is Wack, And The South Has A Lot More Gay People Than We Thought.

Okay, okay, we're sorry. We realize we've been remiss in posting, but we were taking a much-needed vacation with our boyfriend south of the Mason-Dixon line. We relaxed, wandered through Spanish moss-laden streets, and caught up on some TV.

Translation: LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING!

But now we're back, and just in time to catch this amazing update on The Smoking Gun. Even though we were in Savannah, we missed out on this one. Turns out that on Saturday night, college student Will Johnson got caught really caught up in his costume, that of the child-at-heart interspecies superhero Lion-O.

As vehicles approached he would jump in front of each car and begin numerous physical gyrations. When the vehicles would honk their horns, he would respond by yelling and cursing at the driver.

For the amount of times Lion-O has saved Third Earth from Mumm-Ra, you'd think they'd cut a cat a break. But here's our favorite part:

Eye contact was made from approx. 40 yards away. The suspect removed his orange Halloween wig and ducked into a crowded club.

Boy, if we had a nickel for every time we've pulled that move. The old "Rip Off The Wig And Run Into A Gay Bar After Making Lingering Eye Contact" trick is one of the oldest in the book. But instead of following Lion-O into the back room and experiencing a sandpapery full body licking, the officer arrested him.

Which, of course, made us wonder: If they make a movie of Thundercats, will Chad Michael Murray Play WileyKat?

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