Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Shirtless Cater-Waiters Hadn't Drank Water For Days, But Were Forced To Hand Out Cocktails.

While the Victoria Secret Fashion show took over downtown last night, we scooted uptown to the 5th Avenue Abercrombie & Fitch Flagship Store opening party to worship at the altar of abs.

The place is littered with paintings, sculptures, and photographs of shirtless men rowing frolicking, and gently intertouching. It's like an Eakins painting swallowed the whole store. And then some cock.

Somehow, they managed to scrounge up enough ironic slogan tees and distressed cable-knit river neck merino wool sweaters to occupy five floors. But for your buying convenience, everything was priced at $59.95.

We enjoyed the models handing out drinks (and Dewars shots), but what we really appreciated were the male-loving socialites who showed their faces at the event. Fabian Basabe, Luigi Tadini, and Eric Villency come to mind (though we will admit to our chagrin that we know at least Eric doesn't swing our way). Bruce Weber held court amid a gaggle of models he's taken advantage of, while Michael Musto lurked in a corner and complained about television shows he's never been on.

All in all, it was just like every other party we've ever attended.


Tristan said...

Tough life Fagat...really.... I was at my Church's Annual Christmas Bazaar while you were playing with models.

bigmouth said...

By "my church" I assume you mean "the gym at Dupont Circle," so I don't feel sorry for you.

DC-er said...

Fagat, I know you're all about integrating high and low culture, but mentioning Eakins in a post about A&F makes me want to notify his estate.

Frank said...

Actually, I was delighted by the Eakins/A&F juxtaposition. I don't think old Eakie would mind; he seemed to go for the All-American homoerotic boy himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, headline-writer, IDIOT, the past perfect tense of the verb "to drink" is "drunk." So, your stupid headline should have read that the cater-waiters "Hadn't Drunk Water...." I drink, I drank, I have drunk. Get it?

Middle school student said...

Hey, the kid's right. You are an idiot. Ha, Ha. Way to go, kid! Showed him.