Monday, November 14, 2005

When It Rains, It Whores.

We, like every other fag worth a dimebag in New York, were at the glorious clusterfuck that was the Out 100 awards on Friday night. We were joined by Rosario Dawson, Anthony Rapp, Richard Belzer, Melissa Ethridge, Kelli Carpenter, Marc Jacobs, Sophia Coppola (who is still wearing that garbage bag – someone should make her a new one), Former Gov. Jim McGreevey, and a host of other lesser luminaries like Dan Renzi, Jay McCarroll, and Perez Hilton.

First, we asked Anthony Rapp if everyone was getting too old and crusty to play young starving artists in Alphabet City.

“I think it only changes it in the sense that we have that much more life experience to bring to the performance,” he told us, executing a well-balanced cop-out. “The ages of the characters are never stated. The only age stated is Mimi’s. I think when I look at the film, I don’t know what age people will think we are. I think we look young.” Of course you do. We still tell people we’re 19. “If we were jowly balding, paunchy middle aged wrinkle people, then of course it would be weird.”

If? We’ve seen the ads with Adam Pascal…

Then, we cornered some Out insiders, who told us they knew of the coming takeover for about a month, but weren’t sure exactly what was happening. After that (and a couple of martinis), we introduced ourselves to Jim McGreevey, who had brought a date. He was attentive enough to us, though, that he neglected to release our hand after shaking it until he was walking away. Hot! Gross!

Sharon Stone gave an immensely cracked out speech that had been previously taped, Rosario Dawson looked pretty, and Marc Jacobs brought a hooker as a date! (See above picture, courtesy of Patrick McMullan. See also The pair even disappeared into the bathroom together and emerged looking refreshed. Cliche-tastic!

All and all it was a lovely time.


Frank said...

Well, Mr. Jacobs certainly has good taste in rentboys! You gotta give him that much.

Tristan said...

WHAT ??? not only is the rentboy very average looking but he also is very badly dressed ! Let's be serious.

DC-er said...

As a born-and-bred Jersey-ite/-an (pass the noxious fumes, svp), I'm green with envy that FAGAT met Jimbo before I ever had the chance. And if I see Anthony Rapp featured as a "major star" in another gay publication (like, oh, Out) I'm going to burn my membership card and spend a drunken evening in Adams Morgan.

Anonymous said...

He isn't badly dressed he's dressed in PRADA U idots!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a

Rentboy " B list " ?