Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We Thought We Smelled Chest Hair

Our patron saint Tom Ford is coming to NYC and is expected to be painting the town red tomorrow night (well, lurking in a booth at Bungalow 8, but you know what we mean). We've always been sad that Ford is in a long term relationship with journalist Richard Buckley, because we, like all gay people, would very much like to see what's beneath that that open third button. But today we were slapped back to sense by a gay compadre.

"Silly Fagat," he cried, "monogamy is for poor people!"

We remembered that we have heard of orgiastic coke-fueled parties in hotel suites featuring His Royal Hairline - but we never believed it was true, not our Tom! How shaming!

Then again, he's never passed out on a hooker as he was slurping his way to the bottom of a K-hole, like some designers we could name...

We're going out to try and sneak into his hotel. We'll be the ones with the purse cam!


Tristan said...

What exactly defines "poverty" ? I won't if I make enough to justify orgies ?

bald knob said...

....over the homes of poor people!