Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Now We're Afraid Of Doctors AND HIV/AIDS. That's Awkward.

We came across this upsetting article in Next, in which an unnamed doctor with no listed credentials puts the rate of HIV/AIDS among young gay men at a very high level.

“Based on the numbers I see in my practice, I would say 40 to 45 percent of gay men in lower Manhattan under 40 are HIV-positive,” quoth the unnamed doctor.

That’s quite a statement. Most official statistics put the number much lower. And based on anecdotal evidence, as gay men living in lower Manhattan, we also find this highly implausible. We’re frankly a little surprised that Next, whose job it is to decorate the altar of gay hedonism, would reduce itself to such scare tactics. We’re fans of AIDS/HIV education and prevention – but call us old fashioned, we want to know real facts to deal with real situations.

Next time stick to exaggerating penis size, folks. That’s a surprise everyone can appreciate.

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