Thursday, November 10, 2005

But What Do You Use If You Only Come Down With A Case Of Homosexual Once Or Twice A Year?

This new prescription medicine made us giggle.

What's funny about the website is that it seems as though they've merely taken another drug's website (Like Propecia, say) and replaced every use of "baldness" with "homosexuality. An easy, cutting way of making a joke. Kind of like how David Spade and Chris Farley cut every use of "Tommy Boy" and inserted "Black Sheep" in their second film.

It reminds us of how we've always wanted to copy the Exodus website and replace every use of the word "homosexual" with the word "Jew," or maybe "black" or "poor person."

But we suspect they wouldn't see the point. As we learn time and time again, irony, like taste in sweaters, is something you lose when you stop being gay.


Tristan said...

I should have read the Fagat a while ago, I did not know about the organization or the medicine. Clearly I'd like to be a guinea pig for both.

Taylor said...

I've seen this website floating around, too. It's amazingly authentic. My best friend actually read it because the shitty Yahoo! Mail spam filter let it go by. He literally called me up and asked me about it.