Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mehlman Told Scooter, Who Told Dreier, Who Told Izzy, Who Told Harriet, Who Told Anderson, That Bush Uses Just For Men!

Much has been made of White House Snitch Scooter Libby's bodice-ripping novel - but did anybody else notice this hidden tidbit about his undergraduate habits in the Yale Daily News over the weekend?

Although Yale had just gone coed, classmates said Libby chose to spend most of his time with his male peers. While some of his male classmates said they remembered Libby as an excellent friend, their female counterparts did not claim to feel as close to Libby."He was really more in with the jocks … in that sort of guy thing," Sarah Birdsall '72 said.

Following behind the jocks...earning the nickname "Scooter"...ignoring women...writing bear porn...spreading catty gossip, and then lying about it...

This all seems to be leading somewhere, but we can't quite put our finger on it.

Thanks to our hot roommate for unearthing this.

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Frank said...

Every time I hear about Scoot Libby's bear sex passage, I think to myself, "Why is everyone so shocked? Gays have been having sex with 'bears' for years!"