Friday, November 04, 2005

This Got Us So Worked Up, We Had To Take A Bacardi Shower Just To Cool Off has done it again.

First, they ripped the curtain away a month ago, exposing all of the stalking, checking up on ex-boyfriends, and surreptitious spying that was going on when they allowed members to see who had viewed their profiles. This, we thought, was an amazing move.

But then they allowed members to view profiles anonymously. Which took all of the fun out of that. Only a few bold devil-may-care users continued to remain known.

And now, this month - Friendster has put forth quandary worthy of the sphinx: Users can see who has viewed their profiles, only if they agree to be seen themselves.

What to do?

Should you see who is looking at you and never look at anyone else's profile? Should you bank on everyone choosing to remain anonymous and do so yourself? Should you go back and forth between anonymity and openness so that you can properly flirt in a surreptitiously coy way? If viewing openly is the equivalent of lingering eye contact, does this make Friendster useless?

If you were wondering at the beginning of this post what exactly was gay about it, I hope we've cleared that up for you.


Anonymous said...

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Tristan said...

Yes that is really annoying... I mean there is definitely two kind of friendsters, the viewed and the viewers, why would we have to be both !!!

Taylor said...

I'm being bold and leaving mine non-anonymous. I actually never turned mine off. Though I can't really stalk this one guy anymore who I see ALL THE TIME. Oh well, I guess I have to find other means of reconnaissance.

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