Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Satire Writer Concludes Gay Jokes Just Not As Creative As Jew Jokes

We noticed a disturbing article on the Onion recently:

Queer Eye Team Denounces Recent Wave Of Vigilante Homosexual Makeover Groups

This perturbed us. Though the article is full of witticisms, like this:

Though none of the unsolicited-gay-makeover incidents have resulted in fatalities, FBI Fashion Crimes agent Jason Broderick said the deep humiliation victims suffer makes many of them want to die.

..and this:

"Real homosexual makeover experts downplay pastels, consider arugula and sun-dried tomatoes passé, and would never encourage an overweight cubicle worker from Bowling Green, OH to wear an ascot."

..what's upsetting is that the Onion, normally refreshingly biting and relevant, is still laughing with Queer Eye.

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Tristan said...

Who told me Queer Eye was THE show of the season ? pop culture is sooo fast. It gives me headaches.