Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We Remember The First Time We Came On To A Straight Friend, Too

This month, our favorite hot gay magazine Details brings together our favorite hot gay writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis and our favorite hot ___ actor Jake Gyllenhaal for an in-depth profile of the “Jarhead” star. We almost wet ourselves thinking about the writer and the actor strolling through Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles with Gyllenhaal's dog, getting all sweaty in the afternoon sun, taking a break in their tent, pulling closer to one another, and then Benoit reaches around – oh, wait, sorry. That’s Brokeback Mountain.

While this quote from Jake is likely to get the most attention:

"I approached the story believing that these are actually straight guys who fall in love," he says. "That's how I related to the material. These are two straight guys who develop this love, this bond. Love binds you, and you see these guys pulling and pulling and tugging and trying to figure out what they want, and what they will allow themselves to have."

…we were more intrigued by this part:

During the filming of Jarhead, Gyllenhaal and his costar Peter Sarsgaard, who happens to date Gyllenhaal's actress sister, Maggie, got into a bitter dispute over an incident neither will now discuss. But they eventually buried the hatchet and are good friends again. "He's completely into whatever he is doing in the present moment, and that draws people to him," says Sarsgaard. "But let me tell you, it can also be really annoying. Sometimes he's just too eager. Especially in the morning. We would be driving to the set, and he would be all revved up and play 'Candy Shop' five times in a row. I'm like, 'Can you please turn off that fucking song?'"

“An incident neither will now discuss”? The morning after which Gyllenhaal couldn’t sit still and Sarsgaard was grumpy in the car??

Praise Jesus!

Blogger isn't letting us post pictures again. We'll try to put up the cute shots of Jakeypoo later...

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