Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Love Lifts Us Up When He Be Hung...

Like everybody else, we like nothing better than an evangelical gay black man who preaches tolerance toward homosexuals in the church, publishes a book to that effect, then reneges and becomes straight again, pushing the counter logic upon the same audience who listened to him the first time. It’s kind of like Arianna Huffington with an onyx strap-on.

This is a little tricky to explain, but if you click the above link, it outlines how basically this dude K. Godfrey Easter was gay and Christian, and decided he wanted to let other people know it was okay to be both. So he wrote the book Love Lifted Me Because of the Church to spread the word. He even started the website so people could share in his vision.

Then something happened. We imagine it was a Porn Nam involving Lloyd Banks and a pair of nipple clamps - but we're just hazarding a guess.

K. Godfrey did an about face. He wrote another book, called Love Lifted Me Because of the Church: Why One Can NOT Be Gay & Christian. He put a scrolling banner headline across his website that read “MAN – WAS I WRONG.” (Two snaps for that, by the way. He clearly hasn’t gone all straight.) He began preaching against homosexuality.

The moral of the story? He used to like to put things in the out chute. Nobody should have expected him to be consistent.

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