Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Colin Farrell Buys Thesaurus, Plays Part Of Someone Who Can Read

When we saw that Cillian Murphy was interviewed by Colin Farrell in this month’s Interview Magazine, we almost had a heart attack. Like all Americans, we are a quarter Irish, and we have a soft spot for these two hunks. So imagining them engaging in the inevitable Warhol-induced phone sex was almost too much to bear. Take this steamy piece of Mick Lit pornography, for example:

Cillian Murphy: I’d been in love with [Breakfast on Pluto writer] Patrick McCabe’s writing for years. I think “The Butcher Boy” is up there with Joyce and Beckett as a seminal piece of Irish literature. I really do. This is kind of a companion piece to it.

Colin Farrell: It’s a beautiful absurd world. It’s like taking everything that lives underneath, subterraneously, in all Irish people and bringing it to the surface, the stuff that’s right under that bubbles up in us all. It’s all there in our culture, hidden by bravado and circumstance, whatever it may be. Your work in this movie is really gorgeous, Cillian. Really gorgeous.

Sorry, what were we talking about? We just had to take an extended break in the office handicap bathroom.

Anyway, we’ll leave you with a Farrell’s words of wisdom about the hurricanes he experienced this summer while working in the Caribbean on Miami Vice.

CF: When I was in Miami, Katrina passed us by, but we only got a lick of it. It’s like the difference between sitting beside someone in a bar when they fart and sitting at the other end of the bar and thinking for a second that you smell something but it’s gone and you go, “Must have been an elephant.”

Yes, Colin. Katrina was just like that.


Tristan said...

And I thought I was the only one to use the handicapped accessible bathrooms at my office. It is so much safer and pleasant. Good for you Fagat !

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