Friday, March 16, 2007

HELLO MY NAME IS: "I'll Sleep With You For A Job At ABC."

Last night we went to the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association Headlines and Headliners benefit at the ABC News studios in Times Square. That's a lengthy way of saying we spent the evening hanging out with a bunch of fags in suits.

When we walked into the room, they were awarding this cute high schooler with a journalism scholarship for college. The MC explained that the boy's proud mom had heard about the scholarship competition and entered him, at which point, the kid grabbed the mike and said, "In my defense, I was very busy watching 'Project Runway.'"

Oh, the places you'll blog.

Anyway, when we entered a few people turned around to see us come in and gasped. We gave a winning smile. Then Charlie Gibson, who had entered immediately behind us, brushed by. Oops.

We go to this event every year, but we must say, this is the first time we've ever had fun. We ran into a bunch of old friends, and made some new ones. We got hit on by a handful of elder gay statesmen, and we caught up with fag hag extraordinaire Rita Cosby. Were really bummed that we didn't see Natalie Morales, who until last night was our hero (that hair! that smile! that secret confidence that comes from knowing that you are one day going to assassinate Meredith Vieira!).

But then we found our NEW hero, gay CNN anchor Tom Roberts. Holy. Fucking. Shit. What a hottie. In a room full of well-groomed men with surprisingly good skin, he put everyone to shame. That hair! That smile! That secret sorrow that comes from knowing that your sexuality will prevent you from ever getting to the networks!

Anyone know who he's dating? We need to find that person and sic Natalie Morales on him.


LL said...

OM I watched his interview on AC 360 and it was all Anderson could do not to jump him right on the set.

Eric S. said...

I tried to find him on every social networking site but no dice. I didn't know he was gay when I saw him plastered on CNN's homepage... the interview a-la Anderson Cooper could have been the first hint.

Do we know what city he lives in? Atlanta?

brotherfrancis said...

He's not dating; he has a partner. When he came out he said he wanted to do it because he was so proud of his partner.