Friday, March 30, 2007

Incidentally, This Is Has Also Inspired Us To Not Drink For The First Time In 2007. That Would Be A Silver Lining, If We Didn't Like Drinking So Much.

Single gays out there - have you ever noticed that you never feel more alone than when you're sick?

See, we've had a fever all week. Even though we've been able to take some time off work, we've been enjoying it about as much as a toothy blowjob. Not only do we hate feeling shitty and getting nothing done, but we can't even do the things that make us feel happy or sexy, like go to the gym or out on the town. We can't drink, we're not hungry so we don't want to cook, and we can't even cruise on the subway because we know we look like hell.

Instead, we sit around the apartment while our roommates are at work or out to dinner, reading and trying not to incessantly masturbate. As time goes by, the fact that there is no one to come in and spoon us soup in bed (or spoon us in bed, period) becomes more and more underscored. For the first time in our lives, we can relate to how FHC feels every day (thanks for the malaria, btw).

For all of you lucky, healthy people out there, here are some fun links for your Friday: Ricky Martin says all gay singers should come out. No joke. Our tall and handsome friend sent us this hilarious video to make us feel better about our childhood home movies. Our new friends Josh & Josh pointed out that we missed the fact that this picture is actually of Josh H! And Andy points us to the new, oddly unsexy, Dolce & Gabbana campaign.

Now where's our goddamn spoon??

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brett said...

aww! feel better boo