Monday, March 26, 2007

New York: A Little Bit Gayer Just In Time For Our Birthday.

So last night Elton John was everything we wanted, and more. He played some of his greatest hits, and some of his more obscure songs. Bill Clinton introduced him, and Whoopi Goldberg later came out on stage with (a peculiarly punchy) Robin Williams. He didn't perform any duets (not even our karaoke go-to), but just let his voice and piano stand for itself. He closed with "Your Song," and dedicated it to New York City.

We saw Pierce Brosnan in the audience shaking his hips, and we spied Kiefer Sutherland getting rejected by security outside of the VIP section (as you would imagine, Jack did NOT take it well). We said hi to Clinton backstage, were ignored by David Walliams and got snapped at by Sharon Osbourne. Our favorite celeb sighting, however, was "Will & Grace's" Eric McCormack, who was sitting a few rows ahead of us. He spent the last few songs standing in his chair, playing the air drums, which we used to think was the only thing more embarrassing than air guitar. We were proven wrong, though, as his air drums quickly turned to air piano.

Quite frankly, we were never really sure if we believed that he was straight. Now we do.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton interview- impressive!!