Monday, March 12, 2007

Maybe They Are Staying Indoors Because Ann Coulter Called Their Former Senator The F-Word...

Most people think "Panama City Beach" or "Europe" when they think Spring Break, but our destination of choice this year was Winston-Salem, North Carolina. For the most part, the trip has been as uneventful as our last trip here, with one exception.
Scene - The patio.

Mom: You know, I think we have gay neighbors.

FW: (looking up from pretending to read the law) WHA????? OMG (turns neck 180 degrees towards neighbors at rapid pace, inducing whiplash). What's their deal?

Mom: They are 30 something, I only see them when they come home from work. And they have parties a lot.

FW: Well what are they like, didn't you meet them when they came over to bring you a bundt cake when you moved in?

Mom: No. They didn't bring anything. They were the only ones who didn't.

FW: Huh. am sure they are really nice, selfless people. Just busy.

Mom: Yes, busy throwing parties.
That was way harsh Mom. Meanwhile, we have been camped out at the window dying for a glimpse of said gays, we've even jogged by shirtless, stopped to stretch in front of their mailbox (even bent over to stretch our hamstrings! BENT OVER!!!), and NOTHING. These are truly a special breed of gay, but we are resolved to make contact, give them the gay gaze, yell at them for giving our people a bad name, and then go home and make our own bundt cake.


Anonymous said...

maybe they are lesbians!

Vincent said...

Or, you could throw a huge party at your mom's place and invite them over... Just a thought.